Use our ink stamp maker for creating a layout for you business in the sphere of transportation №2059

Stamp mockup №2059,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2059
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Auto-Moto

This is a custom rubber stamp that was made for a transportation company in London. The size and the shape if this sketch allow users to use it as an example for their own projects. Our official stamp maker can help you to perform the necessary changes and get the original layout for your future stamp. The process takes less than 30 minutes. This template is an ideal model if you want to make a seal stamp online. Just open this template in our graphic editor and edit the text. Replace the words with the information about your brand and change the logo (if you want). We offer a large collection of images, which is grouped according to the most popular spheres of business: medicine, law, science, computer, design, etc. If you like this sketch, you can change the text only. As you can see both lines are located along the outer frame of the stamp – one of them is on the blue background, the second is on the white. All letters are capitalized and in bold style. The word “LONDON” (probably the city where this company is based) is bigger than other words. Keep in mind, that our editor can also help you to change the size and the fonts of any text you want. After you finish working on the project, you can save the result to your PC. The size of this layout after downloading will be 38 mm. You can use the result in office (for paperwork and documentation verification) or create the sketch of another size and shape. Look through our gallery to choose the most suitable template.