Make a company seal for your business with logo and information №2047

Stamp mockup №2047,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2047
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Home, Family , Kids
  • Tags: #custom #metal #stamp #MYSTAMPREADY #TEAM #VAT #1234567890 #custom #leather #stamp #COMPANY #SEAL #MALINA

This company seal MALINA was created for a beauty salon, if we judge by logo. This is a great example that you can use for making your won rubber stamp for less that half an hour! Laconic design and round shape are the most features of business stamp. Here you can that the important information about the salon is located in three lines: two of them are running along the outer frame in circle and the name of the brand MALINA is placed in the middle. Using our online stamp maker, you can only edit the text and replace it with the same information (VAT number, name of the company, etc) about your business. After that, it’s possible to download the layout to your PC and order the production of the leather stamp itself. However, there are far more options available! You can play with the design of this template and create a unique sketch, which will suit your taste. For example, the logo can be replaced with any other images (find the most suitable picture in our gallery), style of text and inner frames can be altered too. For example, the smallest inner frame looks like an unfinished circle. You can delete it, change the size, shift it to the side of the layout. Our graphic editor is convenient and easy to use even for beginners. The size of this layout is 40 mm. This is a suitable template for office rubber stamp or a gift for family and kids. The collection of templates made by our team includes the sketches of rectangular and triangle shape as well.