Official seal for MSR company with logo, VAT number and address №2029

Stamp mockup №2029,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2029
  • Size: 40mm
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This custom stamp with logo was created for MSR company. Judging by the logos on top of the sketch (a group of houses) and in the middle (transmission lines on both sides) we can say that this project was made for an electric company. However, you have a possibility to completely change the entire style of this template in our graphic editor and make your own custom rubber stamp for less than 30 minutes. In the middle of the seal, we see the most important information about the brand: name, reg. number and VAT number. If you like this template just alter the text be clicking on it and insert the data you need. After that, the project will be available for downloading and further usage. The outer frame is wide and contains the short name of the company MSR LLC along the edge. The text is multiplied to fill the entire length of the frame. The inner frame, which divides the middle part from the outer frame, has the word “LONDON” in capital letters. It might be the name of the city where the company is based. Three asterisks on both sides of the city name are added to divide this part from another text. Moreover, there are other options you can use to make your sketch original. For example, change the style of the text (make the letters bigger, change the font, shift the text to any side of your layout, and add more spacing). MyStampReady offers a simple graphic editor, which can help you in creating your first design for less than 30 minutes without ant special knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.