Make a rubber stamp for your company using a template as example №2020

Stamp mockup №2020,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2020
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #MyStampReady #rubber #stamp #meaning #Unity #stamp #company #VAT #1234567890 #John #Simon #Smith #________ #___________ #______________

Looking for an inspiration to make your own rubber stamp? Our simple graphic editor can help you to create a layout for less than half an hour without any skills and knowledge. The navigation is that easy that even a beginner will be able to succeed. And a nice bonus, you can use each seal in the gallery as an example! Look at this stamp, which was made for a private company. In the middle, there’s a name “John Simon Smith”, that might be a name of CEO of a founder of the brand. Three lines under the text in the middle create unique design and fill the space. If you like the style of this sketch, just open it in our online stamp maker and insert the information about your company. How to do it? Just click on the element you’s like to edit and wait until the tools will open. Two inner circles separate the middle of the template from the outer frame. The text in the outer frame is written in two lines in the bottom of the sketch: first line is VAT number, the second line reads “Unity Stamp Company”. It’s possible to make the changes of each part of this template, including text, lines and even images. If you want to add a bit of individuality to the project, just choose the most interesting logo in our vast collection. We offer several popular themes for both business and personal use: medicine, art, architecture, couples, animals, law, science. The layout can be sent to production for an actual rubber seal, or you can use it in your electronic documentation.