Edit the design of this template to make a wax seal for a company №2017

Stamp mockup №2017,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2017
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Religion
  • Tags: #Unit #11A #Level #Labuan #Times #Square #John #Smith #00000 #Custom #wax #seal #stamp #MYSTAMP #TRADE #LIMITED #LL00000

Here you see an example of a round self-inking stamp that can be used for paperwork in the office. This template was created on MyStampReady and is available for modifications. Make a custom wax seal stamp for less than 30 minutes with the help of our graphic editor. Use this sketch to work on your own project online. Here you can see a logo in the middle – a crescent and a star. However, they can be replaced with another image (more suitable for the type of your business), with text or deleted. Around the logo, there’s a line of text in circle. You can click on text reading “LL0000” and insert the registration or VAT number of your company instead. The upper part of this line “My Stamp Trade Limited” is written in capital letters to highlight the information. You can use the same technique on your layout. Moreover, the following editing options are available: change of size and font of the text, changing of position and starting point. As a result, your rubber stamp will be looking unique and original. MyStampReady allows to create high-quality sketches for your future wax seal. Each part of the stamp will be visible and clear. Even the text that you can see in the outer frame (white letters on the blue background) will be neatly imprinted on paper. The address on Times Square and name John Smith are clearly the location and the CEO of the company respectively. You can follow this example and edit the text with your own name and address.