Make a layout for a wax seal for your company using template №2014

Stamp mockup №2014,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2014
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Transport
  • Tags: #custom #wax #seal #stamp #custom #wax #seal #stamp #MyStamp #LLC

This template was created for a transport company. Using our online stamp maker, it’s possible to make the same layout for a wax seal but this time for your own needs: use it in office for paperwork, verification of documents, or make the sketch for personal use (like wedding or anniversary invitations, stamping books in your library, etc). The unusual design of this template is suitable for official use be businesses. There is no outer frame, as we are used to see on round rubber stamps. But if you want, it’s possible to add it on MyStampReady. The process won’t take long and doesn’t require any skills of professional graphic editors. The whole work is being done online on our website. The outer frame here is completely deleted, so the circled text is replacing it. It reads “custom wax seal stamp” on the top and in the bottom, but you can edit this information and insert the phrases you need. Moreover, you can play with style of the text and make other modifications as well: alter the size, the fonts and starting position. Add more spacing between the letters if your phrase is not very long. The center of the template has an information about the company. It reads “MyStamp” and “LLC”. You can insert the name of your company or add the logo in the middle. Our collection consists of a wide range of images suitable for any occasion. The size of this sketch is 38 mm. There are also rectangular and triangle shape available.