Make a wax stamp for your company by changing this template №2012

Stamp mockup №2012,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2012
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Enthusiasm, Hobby
  • Tags: #MYSTAMPREADY #custom #wax #stamp #123456789

Organize paperwork with a creative self-inking rubber stamp. Make your own sketch for a future seal using a convenient graphic editor on MyStampReady. Choose the template you like the most and make necessary changes. The process is fast and simple. Working on the layout doesn’t require any special knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and can be done by a beginner. This custom stamp is an ideal example of round seals for office use. In the middle, there’s a big logo in the shape of star. If necessary, you can delete this image, replace it with text (for example, a name of your company) or with an image. We offer a vast collection of logos, grouped according to the theme. Among the images you can find in the collection are medicine, art, law, science, finance and transportation logos. Around the logo, there are digits 123456789 with three asterisks. You can insert VAT number or registration number instead. Moreover, such options like change of size, font and starting position are available. The inner frame that separates the text along the edge from the central part of the template looks like a sound wave. If you like this design, you can only edit the text and proceed to saving your result. However, if you want to work on the project a bit more, there are multiple options that online creator of wax seal layout can offer. Add new elements, change their size or position. Insert any many phrases and text lines as you need. The result will be neat and readable.