Make a custom round stamp for family use and business purposes №1997

Stamp mockup №1997,Size :39mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1997
  • Size: 39mm
  • Categories: Home, Family , Kids
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Create a custom stamp for games with kids at home or for actual use in the office by your employees. There’s nothing more simple than using our online stamp maker. Just select the template you like and open it in our creator. The whole process will take approximately 30 minutes. After that, you can send the sketch to production and get a real self-inking stamp with your design. This seal is round shape, which makes it a universal template for multiple purposes. Wedding invitations, serious business documents, games with kids, stamping your personal library books and other belongings – choose what you want to do with your project. This sketch has a logo – a horse – placed in the middle. There are other images in our collection that you can use in your project. Just click on the element you want to replace and select another suitable logo. Above the horse, there’s a name: John Smith written in capital letters. This might be the name of the CEO or an employee who is using that stamp. Above it, there’s company name: MyStamp LLC, also written in capital letters. You can just click on it and insert the name of your company instead. Or it’s possible to change the position of each element. For example, if you want the logo to be in the middle. Pat attention to the outer frame. It’s not just a line, as it’s used in official documents, but it has a beautiful ornament. Two lines of text located along the outer frame allow you to insert as much information as you want on your layout.