Make your own layout for a custom self-inking stamp with logo №1996

Stamp mockup №1996,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1996
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Home, Family , Kids
  • Tags: #custom #embossing #stamp #custom #embossing #stamp #STAMP #MAKER

Use this template as an example for a custom rubber stamp and work on your project with professional designers. The graphic editor is available online and require nothing but the access to the Internet. After you finish creating layout, it’s possible to download it or to save the result for later. The round sketch is the most popular shape of the stamp in the world. It’s used by the official companies and can be made for personal needs (for example, if you plan to make DIY wedding invitations). You can use this template as an example and make necessary changes with a few clicks. The outer frame has double circular lines along the edge. It’s possible to change their design, add breaks for a beautiful effect, or delete them at all. There are no limitations when you start working. Custom embossing stamp can contain any information in any existing language. When altering the text, you can play with its style as well. The following options are available: change of fonts, editing size, starting position and adding spacing between letters. Moreover, each text can be in bold and italic style, or written in capital letters. The middle of the sketch is a combination of logo and text. The phrase “STAMP MAKER” is in the rectangular frame, around it there are elements, which remind the flame. If you like this style, click on the text to insert the lines you want. However, changing the logo is also possible. Save the result when you finish the work.