Create a layout for a self-inking stamp for your private company №1990

Stamp mockup №1990,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1990
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Home, Family , Kids
  • Tags: #GUARDIAN #AIR #PRIVATE #LIMITED #STAMP #CIN #U00000KL0000PTC000000 #penny #black #rubber #stamp

This template is a good example of seal stamp, if you need to insert a lot of information, place a logo and get a neat result. All layouts made in online stamp maker by MyStampReady are high-quality and clearly readable. If you like this design, just open it in our editor and start modifications. No skills in Abode or any other program required. This sketch had three frames, each divide one part of information from another. As you can see, each of the lines differs in style. The biggest of them (outer frame) looks like an intertwined chain. The second consists of beautiful blue and white triangles. Between them, there’s the main information about this private company. The text in capital letters read “GUARDIAN AIR PRIVATE LIMITED”. You can replace this phrase with any other text upon your choice. The word stamp in this text line is separated from the company name by asterisks, and, as you might notice, is smaller in size than the main phrase. The second line, which is located around the circle, also has two different styles. The upper phrase “penny black rubber stamp” is smaller and differ in fonts from the bottom CIN number (U00000KL0000PTC000000). However, if you don’t have CIN, you can leave this space blank or insert any other text instead. The middle of the black rubber stamp is the logo. If you like it, there’s nothing else to do: change the text and save the result. Yet, you might choose another image that would more suitable for type of your business.