Make an official rubber stamp for your paperwork and documents №1966

Stamp mockup №1966,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1966
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Animals, Plant
  • Tags: #artistic #rubber #stamp #May #1984 #Official #Document #MyStampReady

Create a unique and artistic layout for your future self-inking seal using the tools and instruments on MyStampReady website. We offer a simple solution for every business owner, who is looking for a way to make an urgent rubber stamp without overpaying designers. Each template is available for modification in our graphic editor online. This template of round shape is a great model for making an artistic sketch. As you can see, the traditional outer frame is replaced with an interesting solution. It looks like a wreath made of leaves. However, altering the style won’t take you much time. You can choose between an ordinary frame (which a line) or make some modifications with it. In the middle, there’s a logo in the shape of a lion. It’s hard to say, what the company sphere is, because using this animal is quite a common practice for seals. However, you can open our gallery of images and select another logo that would suit your needs. The size and position of each element can be modified as well. This seal will be used for stamping official document, which is indicated right above the logo. Under the image, there’s a date May 1984. It might be the date when the company was founded. When creating a stamp for wedding invitations, it’s possible to insert the date of your Big Day instead. Moreover, this date stamp is good idea for any memorable event – honeymoon postcards, anniversary date or birth of a child. Click on the element you like to modify and work until you find the result satisfactory. After that, you can proceed to downloading your layout.