Create a unique seal for your company with logo and address №1965

Stamp mockup №1965,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1965
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Hoteis, Restaurants
  • Tags: #seal #coating #company #MyStampReady #MyStampReady #com

This template can be used by any business owner, who wants to make an original and unusual layout for his rubber seal. Open the sketch in our online stamp maker and start working on your project. Each detail that you see here can be deleted or modified. The round templates are the most common shapes that are used in business. This seal has a logo in the center – a man wearing a hat. Such an image can be suitable for several types of business: manufacture of men’s clothing, hats, for coating company, restaurants, bar or even hotel. Around the logo, there a wreath. If you want to add some information instead of images, just delete the element that you don’t need on your seal and insert the text instead. However, you can also change the logo itself. Scroll through our gallery of images and find the most suitable picture. All information here is written in one line, which is located between two circles. The upper part reads “seal coating company” and is different in style from the bottom part, where the website is written. It’s easy to notice that the spacing (the distance between each letter) in the upper part is bigger. You can use the same technique or make the whole information about you company written in one style. Moreover, play with fonts and sizes of text to achieve the effect that you need. After the layout for a seal is ready, you can download the result and send the sketch to the nearest stamp maker production.