Create custom round stamp with VAT and PDR number for business №1962

Stamp mockup №1962,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1962
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #large #custom #stamp #MyStampready #LONDON #VAT #123456789 #PDR #12345678901

This is a great sketch for your future rubber self-inking stamp. Available for modification, it can be opened in our online stamp maker and altered the way you like. Multiple options are available at your disposal: work with text, images, logos, frames and lines. Here you can see three circles of different styles: the biggest (which is also the outer frame) looks like an intertwined chain. However, it’s possible to replace it with a standard option. In the center, there’s a logo (an ornament), which can be deleted or replaced with another image. MyStampReady offers a vast collection of pictures that users can add to their layouts. Among the images available: law, science, transport, animals, medicine, etc. Around the logo, there’s a beautiful circle, which separates the information from the image. Here, it’s two most important numbers for each company: VAT and PDR. You can click on digits 123456789 and add the actual numbers belonging to your business. After you finish changing the text, the result can be saved and downloaded. If your company is not based in London, like the one you see here, insert the name of another town or even the whole address. Moreover, if you really enjoy the process of creation, be sure to use all the instruments we have for modifications: change the size and fonts of any text, shift it to any side of your large stamp, make the letters bold or italic. The result will be available for downloading. After that, you can send the sketch for production of the actual seal.