Make custom seal with address and phone number for your company №1949

Stamp mockup №1949,Size :60mm-30mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1949
  • Size: 60mm-30mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #wax #stamp #custom #Dipl #Kffr #Olaf #Klaus #Berliner #str #45470 #Mülheim #der #Ruhr #Tel #0208 #1234567 #Fax #0208 #1234567 #Mail #info #mystampready #com #www #mystampready #com

Rectangular shape is mostly used for promoting purposes. If you don’t have any business cards anymore, you can make an embossing on any piece of paper. The info will be clearly visible. The tools and options for modification are numerous, but the process itself is fast and interesting. The result of your work would be a unique layout for a rubber stamp with info and phone you need. This custom seal for made for a person named Olaf Klaus. You can change the name and add your personal name or the name of your company. You can notice that two upper lines, containing the name and words “Dipl” and “Kffr” are bigger in size than the rest of the text. It’s possible to do the same for your sketch. Emphasize the most important parts of the text by using MyStampReady. The third line is the address. Olaf Klaus is working at Berliner Str, which is located in Mulheim an der Ruhr. It’s a German address, but you can replace it with any location on the planet – from Australia to Mexico. Just click on any part of info and the menu for modifications will open. Moreover, you can also change the size and the font of each line. Follow the simple navigation of our online stamp maker, and get the best wax seal for promoting your brand. The next line is tel. number and fax. If you don’t have fax, just add anything else (like Instagram account) instead of digits 0208 1234567 in order to keep the neat structure of the seal. The last lines are for electronic mail, so your customer can contact you directly, and website, where they can see your goods or services.