Make a seal for your own school or a company using this sketch №1933

Stamp mockup №1933,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1933
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Design
  • Tags: #Stamping #School #Excellence #Dallas #2011

With the help of online stamp maker, it’s now possible to work on the sketch for your future from home. MyStampReady offers a simple editor, which doesn’t require the knowledge of complex and expensive programs like Adobe Photoshop. This template of round shape is an ideal solution for your business. It was created for the School of Excellence, however, you can change the text in less than a minute! Just click on any part you’d like to modify and wait for the tools to be displayed on the screen. Among the instruments of working with text are: change of size, fonts, style and position. This stamping sketch was made was a company based in Dallas. If you like this design, just make the necessary changes and proceed to downloading. You can click on 2011 (apparently it’s the year when the company was founded) and insert other digits, suitable for your business. The logo in the middle consists of several images neatly placed in the center of the sketch: a hand with a phone, cogwheels, a book and a test tube. You can use them for your stamping layout or delete. There’s also a possibility to choose another image and place it on the sketch. Open our gallery and select the most suitable logo. MyStampReady offers a vast range of pictures. Excellence and high-quality when stamping guaranteed. Between the logo and the text, there’s an unusual frame in the shape of wreath. This element can also be modified or deleted (according to your choice). Once you’re happy with the result of your work, be sure to save the project in your account and download for further use.