Use editor of MyStampReady to make a layout for a company seal №1932

Stamp mockup №1932,Size :47mm-18mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1932
  • Size: 47mm-18mm
  • Categories: Internet
  • Tags: #MyStampReady #com #MyStampReady #com #MSR #MSR #MSR

This seal of rectangular shape can be used for business purposes and for personal use. Custom rubber stamp is a great replacement of business cards and can serve for a long time. Create a template that you will like with MyStampReady. This sketch can be used as an example for your own seal. Just open it in our editor and click on the element you are willing to change. Each part of the stamp is available for modification. In the middle, you can see a logo in the shape of sphere (or a planet) covered with net. This layout might belong the Internet provider company, which uses the rectangular stamp for its documents. On the left and on the right sides of the logo, there’s text: MSR. It’s abbreviation of a company name. The full name MyStampReady is written above and below the logo. You can click on it and add the name of your website. Moreover, there are plenty of tools in our graphic editor that allows users to make a unique design for their projects. One of them is work with text. Click on and change the text, play with fonts and alter the size, if needed. There’s also a possibility to shift the whole phrase to any side of your future stamp. The whole process won’t take much of your time and doesn’t require special skills. The outer frame is this template is also made in unusual way. It’s not just a straight line, but looks like a cogwheel or the top of castle wall. If you like this style, just change the text and proceed to saving your result. It’s possible to send layout to the nearest production or use in e-documentation.