Make your own rubber stamps for trading company using template №1895

Stamp mockup №1895,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1895
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Arts, Fashion
  • Tags: #STAMPS #MAKERS #TRADING #CORP #ABA #1234567

This art template can be used as an example for making layouts for rubber stamps. Open this sketch in our maker and work on your project without learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop or other seal makers. No experience required. The result will be neat and beautiful, no matter how much information you need to add. This round stamp consists of several beautiful elements. The first notable thing is the logo is the middle. It depicts a flower. If you like this style, you can only change the information. However, there are other options available for making stamps with the help of MyStampReady. For example, you can delete this image and find a new logo in our large collection. Scroll through the images divided into several groups and select the one that suits you most. From medical pictures to fashion and art images, every business owner will find something that he likes. Around the logo, there are two circles. You can see that they are made in interesting style as well: one of them has ornaments inside, the bigger one reminds a chain made of white and blue triangles. If you like, you can add text in-between these circles. It might name of your company, address, website or any other information you need to place. The only text reading ‘trading corp’ and ABA number (apparently, it’s a local variant of VAT or registration number) is located along the outer frame. All letters are capitalized to emphasize the importance of information. Click on digits 1234567 and add the actual phone number of your company or office.