Create interesting and unique layout for stamp in online maker №1893

Stamp mockup №1893,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1893
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Design

Graphic editor on is an ideal solution for business owners. Here, you can see one of multiple layouts that were created in our best stamp maker. If you like this design, use this template as a model for your own custom seal. This sketch of round shape has an interesting design. There’s a logo, which reminds a sun with a dot in its center, in the middle. This is the universal image that can be used for any type of business: yoga studio, design company, school, etc. However, you can find other images to replace this logo. MyStampReady has a wide range of logos – from medicine to science. Around the logo, there’s a beautiful background. The ornaments look way better than an empty space. If you don’t need a stamp with much information on it, use our best maker to fill the sketch with decorative elements. However, you can delete this part of the sketch and add text. The only information about company – the name and website can be found between two thick solid lines. Two stars are dividing each part of information. If you like the way it looks and want to have the same for your layout, just click on text and add the phrases and words that you need. All letters here are bold and capitalized, but you can use another style while working in your project. In addition, such options as change of font and size. Once you’re happy with the result, proceed to downloading of the sketch and send it to production of an actual stamp.