Learn how to make beautiful stamps for commerce and personal use №1884

Stamp mockup №1884,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1884
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Science, Studies, Education
  • Tags: #Stamps #Technologies #Registre #Commerce #Geneve #Stampa #Armes #CHE123 #456 #789 #Carouge #Switzerland

This self-inking seal of round shape is a perfect model for creating your sketch. With the help of MyStampReady, you will make an original design without side programs and professionals. This template can be a great example if you need to make your own rubber stamp, either for work or personal use. However, this layout made for a company in Switzerland is more suitable for business purposes. Laconic and official style might be a great option as it’s universal for any type of company. First thing to pay attention to here is an original outer frame. It’s not a solid line, like we usually see, but reminds the top of the castle wall. Yet such a design doesn’t draw attention to itself, and each word is clearly visible. You can notice that all words on the template are of different size. For example, the sentence “Stamps Technologies SA” is the biggest and the most prominent information. You can use the same technique for creating your own seals. The middle of the stamp is also data about this company from Geneve. In the center, there’s a name of the town Carouge and the country name (Switzerland). Above, there’s the rest of the address – Stampa d’Armes 77. Using our stamp maker, you can easily replace the information and add the address of your company. Two pieces of information (located along the outer frame and in the middle of the stamp) are divided by the lines made of dashes. However, you can alter the style of the frame using the variety of instruments offered by MyStampReady. For example, place a logo on your layout.