Use this sketch to make a decorative stamp for your business №1882

Stamp mockup №1882,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1882
  • Size: 38mm
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Custom rubber stamp is a face of every company. It bears the main information about business and is used daily. If you’re looking for the ways to make your layout original and creative, be sure to use our simple seal constructor. This template of round is available for modification. You can use it as a model or a basis for making your own sketch. Each element and pattern can be edited. The process itself is quick and easy. There’s no need to download any side programs on your computer because the work is being done online. The layout for created for a company based in Berlin (the capital of Germany), but you can delete the text and add your own data. The first notable thing here is the absence of standard solid frames. Both circles consist of dashes (or lines with breaks). If you want to keep this style, just change the text and replace the address in Berlin for your own city and street. As you see, the all words are written in capital letters. It’s possible to alter the style of text. You can make it smaller or bigger, play with different fonts and find what looks better on the layout, change the position of any phrase of word. With MyStampReady, it’s possible to create a sketch on the basis of the existing design. For example, if you’re working with this template, be sure to change the name Max Musterman in the center and insert your company name, initials or any other information you find suitable. Under the name, there’s an address in Germany: Berlin Str, 77. With a couple of clicks, the words can be deleted of changed.