Make a round stamp with the help of template for PRINTMI company №1869

Stamp mockup №1869,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1869
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business

Round self-inking seal is an inseparable part of daily office life. We use this tiny tool for multiple purposes, and it goes without saying that no business can exist without it. Online stamp maker on MyStampReady can help you turn this ordinary device into the original one! We offer an easy-to-use graphic editor where you can work on the sketch for your future seal. Moreover, there’s no need to start making a DIY layout from the scratch – choose one of the templates you like and perform the necessary changes. For example, you can use this template of round shape and edit each element here. Such a simple design is a perfect choice for official seals to use at work. You can see two thick solid circles (outer frame and inner circle) that are used to separate two types of text: in the middle and along the circle. If you’re searching for more decorative patterns, you can delete these lines and other elements (intertwined or dashed). The text in the middle reads “PRINTMI”. It might be a company name, for example. The style of this word is made to attract attention to it: it’s written in capital letters, placed in the central part of the rubber seal and is bold. Moreover, the word is not horizontal but is placed at an angle. The phrase along the outer circle reads “MYSTAMPREADY LLC PTV” – it might be replaced with full name of your company, address, motto, website or a registration number. Once, you finish working on your project in our stamp maker, you can proceed to downloading the result to your computer and ordering the production of the rubber seal.