Make a beautiful stamp with logo for date and sign imprints №1865

Stamp mockup №1865,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1865
  • Size: 38mm
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Apart from the main seal that is necessary for daily work in the office, there is a huge number of additional stamps a large company might need. For example, it’s very convenient to make a sign or date stamp for the employees to ensure better performance. MyStampReady offers business owners a great solution: a possibility to work on the layout for their own self-inking seals. Our constructor works online and doesn’t require any subscription or installations. Just open the template that you like and begin designing. This round seal is worth your attention as it has everything necessary to serve as a basis for the sketch. In the middle, there’s a logo on the shape of a winged circle. In the center of this circle, there’s an abbreviation “MSR”. You can replace the text with the name of your company or change the entire logo. We have a vast collection of images that can be added to your layout at no extra charge. Under the logo, there are two rows of text. As we can see, this template was created for a worked named John Smith who is using the date stamp in his work quite often. In order to save his own time, he gets this helpful rubber seal. Now, he can sign the documents and add the current date with his hand for split seconds. Along the circle, there’s a long text. It was divided into two parts. The upper one reads “EAGLE JOHN SMITH” in capital letters. The bottom part tells us that the worker works in Nairobi. Each part of this template can be changed or deleted. When your project is complete, you can proceed to saving your result on your PC.