Make a sketch for your seal with fire logo based on this stamp №1864

Stamp mockup №1864,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1864
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Home, Family , Kids
  • Tags: #STAMP #FIRST #AID #SEAL #FIRE #ACN #123 #000 #123

Custom rubber stamp can be used in a dozen amount of ways. First of all, it’s the most essential tool for every business. However, self-inking seal might be also helpful in numerous personal occasions. With MyStampReady, you get a chance to work on the sketch without hiring professionals. Our stamp maker is so simple that even a beginner can create a beautiful design for less than half an hour. Also, it’s a great opportunity to play with kids and spend time without wasting any second. This template of round shape was made for a fictional first aid company. For example, if your child wants to “have” his own business (just like his parents), such a tool would be a nice gift for him. You can work on the project together, choosing different options and styles. This seal has two logos in the middle. The first one is a heart with a radiogram, which is a typical symbol for first aid. The second one is a fire. Along the inner circle, there are also rows of stars. Of course, there might be too many elements for an official use, but it’s a perfect example of a rubber stamp created by a child. Under the logo of the fire, there’s a line placed in semi-circular form “ACN 123 000 123”. It might be an imaginary registration number or a phone number of a company “launched” by your child. You can make different changes: editing the text, its size and font, deleting old logos and adding new images. Once the production of a template is finished, you can save the result on your computer and order a real rubber stamp on the basis of the layout you created in our online seal maker.