Design sketch for your academy seal with the help of stamp maker №1863

Stamp mockup №1863,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1863
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Design

Round seal is considered to be the most important tool for paperwork. No document would be official without a verification by stamping. MyStampReady gives everyone a chance to make their own rubber stamp for less than half an hour. Working on the sketch is easy with the help of convenient seal creator. You get a full control of each step of the process and can be sure that the result will be neat and beautiful. There’s no need to have any knowledge or skills in design or know the basics of work of graphic editors. Moreover, you don’t even to need to start with the blank page – use any of the templates from our gallery as a model to shape your own project. This round stamp for an American company can be edited as well. If you like this style, perform the necessary changes (for example, add the text about your business) and save the result. However, the possibilities of our online stamp maker are endless. Each element that’s present on the template can be modified or deleted. The big abbreviation “MSR” in the canter can be replaced with logo or another text. The circle, which is made in the form of a plant, can be changed or deleted. Moreover, you can add text instead. The thick outer frame creates an interesting effect in the contrast with the phrase “AMERICAN STAMP MASTER ACADEMY”. However, you can change this design by decreasing the width of the line and changing the thickness and size of the letters. When the work on the project is over in seal constructor, proceed to downloading your sketch on PC. After saving the file, it’s possible to send it to the production of the actual rubber stamp.