Create a self-inking stamp to perform notary public services №1830

Stamp mockup №1830,Size :70mm-70mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1830
  • Size: 70mm-70mm
  • Categories: Computer
  • Tags: #CERTIFIED #TRUE #AND #CORRECT #_________________ #SWORN #BEFORE #DATE #_________________________ #_________________ #NOTARY #PUBLIC #COMMISSION #EXPIRES #_________________

Notary public seals are used for verification of the document. The services cannot be performed with a properly and correctly made rubber seal. Use our graphic editor for working on the design of your own sketch. You can use this template as a model for the project. Just open this notary seal in our online maker and add the necessary information about your commission. As we know, there are certain requirements oblige all notary seals to look alike. This template already contain all the information. On the top of the sketch, you can see the phrase “CERTIFIED TRUE AND CORRECT” in capital letters. Upon desire, there’s a possibility to make several changes: for example, to change the text itself, play with its fonts, size and even position. Thus, your layout made in our stamp maker will be unique. However, this notary seal looks like a ready-made example that you can use right away. Just add the number of your commission and your name to the sketch. With MyStampReady, it won’t take plenty of your time, but the result will be neat and clearly visible. The second line of text reads “SWORN BEFORE ME”. Again, it’s possible to edit the whole phrase or completely delete it from your layout. This template can help you with creating a sketch for notary public in less than 10 minutes. Just add the information when your commission expires, type your name and proceed to saving the result. You can also make a round seal in our constructor for your services.