Create a seal for company with the help of online stamp maker №1789

Stamp mockup №1789,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1789
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Auto-Moto
  • Tags: #VAT #1234567890 #Reg #123456 #STAMP #MAKER #MyStampready #com #PRINTMI

Round seal usually contains the main information about the company: name, VAT number, sometimes website, address or even phone number. Create an official seal with the help of our online maker. MyStampReady gives every business owner an opportunity to control the process of sketch making. From the very first lines of your layout until the final touches and the entire style – make the seal that you really want for your company, don’t agree to what designers give you. This template can be a basis for your own self-inking stamp. It has all necessary elements. All you need to do is to find time for editing the information. The middle part of the sketch has two lines of text – website and the type of business. However, you can type your own information – address or motto. The seal itself looks like two halves separated by the central part. In the upper half, there’s the word “PRINTMI”, which stands for company name; above, in semi-circular position, there’s VAT number 1234567890. The lower part is even more interesting. It has a small logo and Reg number 123456. You can edit both elements of this sketch – replace or delete the image and alter the text. Moreover, there are numerous options that you can use to personalize your seal – changing the font of the text, making the size of any element bigger or smaller, playing with the design of frames and lines. Once you finish working, save your project and download it to your computer. After that you can start enjoying the result of your work and use the stamp in the office.