Make a creative seal for the art studio or photography services №1787

Stamp mockup №1787,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1787
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business

Creative rubber seals can promote your brand better than business cards. Make a unique sketch for your stamp with the help of MyStampReady. Get a seal for your art studio or photography center. The whole process is online and doesn’t require special skills and knowledge. Look at this laconic template that you can use as an example of your own rubber stamp. It was created for Catalin Clay photo studio. Each part and element of this sketch can be modified with the use of our convenient stamp maker. In the middle, there are two letters CC. As we can guess, this is the abbreviation of the name of the photographer. You can edit this part of the sketch by adding the name of your art studio or business or replace text with a logo. MyStampReady offers a large gallery of images that would add to a beautiful design and style of your layout. Around the central part, there’s a circle. It’s just a standard solid line as we usually see on multiple rubber stamps. However, you can replace it with decorative element, like intertwining line of circle made of dashes. The text between two inner circles can also be edited. Moreover, there’s a possibility to completely change the style of the whole template. It can be made with the help of our virtual designer. Edit the size of each element and detail, select another font for the text or change the position of each detail. When the work on the project is over, save the result and download your layout. After that, it can be sent to production of an actual rubber stamp.