Make an original seal for a company with MyStampReady templates №1778

Stamp mockup №1778,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1778
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business
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Looking for the ways to make a seal stamp online? MyStampReady can help you with creating an individual sketch. Use the graphic editor on the website and enjoy numerous free tools and instruments. We offer a large gallery of templates for inspiration. Based on them, you can create your own project with the information about your company. Moreover, it’s possible to open any of them in our virtual stamp maker and make the necessary changes online. Thus, you’ll save time and money. This layout of round shape is an ideal example for the seal. It can be used to making the sketch for your company stamp. Just replace the text in the middle about reg number or delete the words completely. The central part is a perfect place for adding a logo. offers a vast collection of images. Each of them is available for free and can be a great option for making a unique and attractive design. The outer frame of this seal is not standard and usual. It’s thicker than we normally see and is made of five dashes. If you like this style, you can keep it in your project. However, each detail and pattern can be modified or deleted from the sketch. There are several options for design of the outer frame: solid thin line, decorative intertwining line, dashes, dots, etc. The final choice is up to you. After the work on the project is over, you can download the result in any of the file formats you need. It will allow you to use the sketch in electronic documentation or order the production of the self-inking rubber stamp.