Make an original sketch for a seal with the help of stamp maker №1748

Stamp mockup №1748,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1748
  • Size: 40mm
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Round stamp is the smallest and at the same time the most important tool for each business. Creating a memorable and interesting design for your seal might be a difficult task. However, MyStampReady offers you an online designer that can help you with making the sketch. Our virtual creator is simple and convenient. There’s no need to learn how to use the editor, to read the instructions or watch tutorials. Just open the stamp maker and start working on the project. If you never tried making a seal yourself, be sure to scroll through the gallery of templates, so you can get the inspiration or even edit the desired template. This stamp of round shape with logo and VAT number on it was created with the help of our seal maker. If you like this design, you can change the text along the outer frame and save the result to your computer. However, there is a certain number of modifications that you can perform as well. First, pay attention to the beautiful logo in the middle. It might be suitable for a wide range of companies, however, there’s always a chance to add another image that will reflect the idea of your business better. Around the logo, there are two decorative circles. If you want to replace them with the text, just delete these elements and add the information you want. Text along the outer frame can be edited as well. MyStampReady gives business owners a chance to work on different types details: patterns, text size and style, images.