Make a round seal with logo in our online designer for stamps №1735

Stamp mockup №1735,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1735
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #THE #BEST #STAMP #MAKER #ONLINE #MyStampReady #com

This template is a great example for every business owner who wants to surprise the clients and partners with original design. With the help of numerous tools and instruments, you can create your own rubber seal in our online editor. This stamp is quite unusual. First, its logo is not in the central part, as we normally see. However, it only adds the interesting effect. The image of the lion is shifted to the left side of the sketch. You can do the same with your layout, while working with the best and easiest stamp maker. The information about the company is on the right side of the template. You can use this seal as a model for your own project: just replace the words “the best stamp maker” with any text you need. You can type name of the brand, phone number, address, website and any other information that you want. The outer frame here is also unusual. Normally, it looks like a solid thin line. Here, the circle that surrounds the stamp and the logo reminds a decorative intertwining line. Such a design looks good regardless of the type of business you have. In addition to that, you can add other elements and details to your sketch. MyStampReady offers a vast collection of logos and multiple possibilities for altering the design of text: play with the fonts, edit the size, shift your text to another starting position. When satisfied with the result of your work in our online stamp maker, save the layout and send it to the production. For less than 30 minutes you get a high-quality and professionally looking seal.