Make a layout for your wedding seal with a help of stamp maker №1662

Stamp mockup №1662,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1662
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Religion
  • Tags: #STAMP #MAKER #MyStampReady #com #John #Sahra #Govesteis

Wedding day is one of the most beautiful and at the same time stressful moments in the life of a loving couple. If you want to spend this day without any worries, be sure to get ready for it in advance. On, for example, you can get an original stamp online. The process of work in our seal creator is easy even for people who are not comfortable with computer. All you need to do is to perform the simple steps and get a professional sketch for your wedding invitations. We are happy to see more templates on our websites created by the loving hearts and share them with you. John and Sahra Govesteis have been married a long time ago but you still can use their sketch as a model for your own self-inking stamp. Just change a few elements and add the information about your Big Day! In the middle, you can place your names with the new family name. It will attract the attention of the guests when they open the invitations and see this decoration. Above the names of John and Sahra, is the symbol of infinity that stands for eternal love. Under their family name Govesteis, is the tree. On, you can choose another logo by checking our collection of images. The outer frame has been removed. Instead, there are two phrases located in semi-circular position. You can click on them and type any information about your wedding: date, venue, motto, etc. When the work on the project is over, save the result and enjoy your own wedding seal.