Get your own rubber seal by working in online stamp generator №1617

Stamp mockup №1617,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1617
  • Size: 38mm
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Creative tools for office paperwork is a great way to show the uniqueness of your company. If you are looking for the way to make an original corporate seal, try MyStampReady. Our simple generator is a perfect solution for people who values their time and money. Use our templates as a basis for your project. Create, mix, change, remove and edit with one click! Open the sketch that you like and perform the necessary changes. Step be step, you will be a professional and a neat result without hiring a designer. In the middle of this seal, there’s a group of elements that form the core of the project. The company name RINTMI is surrounded by the columns. You can keep the entire composition but replace the text in the center. In addition to that, you can work with the style of text – make it smaller, bigger, move to another place and select an interesting font to attract attention to your sketch. If you want to add a logo in the central part, be sure to check our gallery of images. MyStampReady offers a possibility to add and remove the logos online until you find the most suitable pattern for your self-inking seal. The outer frame of this template deserves a special attention. It’s not a standard line as we usually see but decorated with the additional ornament. With our generator, you can create any design and surprise your clients by the attractive layout. After your project is ready, download the sketch and send it to the nearest production.