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Stamp mockup №1606,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1606
  • Size: 38mm
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Rubber seal is the essential tool for the company. Having a nicely looking and high-quality seal is a great opportunity to promote your business and increase the interest of the clients. If you want to control the entire process of stamp making, be sure to try our online maker on The large number of instruments can help you with implementing any design into a sketch for a custom rubber seal. If you have not got the idea or need some examples for inspiration, we offer a collection of templates. Each of them can edited in our virtual constructor. Use this official-looking seal created for MSR company as a basis for your own project. In the middle of this template, you can find two blue semi-circles with large abbreviation inside each. It’s a nice idea of designing the stamp like this and drawing attention to your company name. In the central part of the sketch, there’s another text that can be replaced as well. All the information is located along the main blue sphere in the center. If you want to add lots of details to your seal, it’s a great example for you. Just click on the words and type the info you need: address, VAT number, phone number, email, etc. change the style of the letters – edit the font, size and their position. If you want to get your stamp unique choose a logo in our vast collection of images. When you finish your project, save the result to your computer and send the file to production of the real rubber stamp.