Create a sketch for your company seal in online stamp maker №1601

Stamp mockup №1601,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1601
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Enthusiasm, Hobby
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The image of the business depends on multiple little things. Custom rubber seal is one of them. If you want to upgrade your paperwork tool, try our online editor on We offer an easy solution for every business owner that allows you to save extra money and control the entire process of seal making. Creating a sketch in our virtual designer won’t take more than half an hour. Moreover, with a collection of templates that you can edit, the process will be even faster. Use this layout as an example for your own rubber seal. Remove the elements that you don’t need and add the information about your brand. Every detail, image and phrase that you see can edited. For example, the logo in the middle can be replaced with a more suitable picture. MyStampReady has a vast collection of images in various categories. The text can be modified as well. That’s a great option for those people who don’t want to spend lots of time on designing. Just insert the company foundation date instead of 11/11 2020 and add a name to personalize your rubber stamp. The style of the text can be different too. Our online stamp maker has an option of text editor where you can effortlessly change another size, select an interesting font and move the entire phrase to another position. The outer frame can be replaced with something more official. However, with our constructor, you decide what you want to see on your sketch. The possibilities are almost infinite, that is why each stamp will be original and unique.