Make a round seal for your company with unique corporate logo №1600

Stamp mockup №1600,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1600
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Science, Studies, Education
  • Tags: #COMPANY #SEAL #CORPORATION #STAMP #MAKER #MyStampReady #com #2020

Get a high-quality sketch for your office rubber seal without hiring a professional designer. Control every step of the process and choose the style of your stamp with our virtual constructor. MyStampReady is great chance for business owners to work in their own pace and use numerous tools for getting an original and eye-catching layout. Use the templates to edit the design that you like and save your time. This seal of round shape has a beautiful logo in the middle. It is a book on the striped background of white and blue color. However, you can change the entire color of your sketch and make it yellow, green or pink. Another great option is to select your own logo that will be suitable for the corporation. We have a large number of images in the collection that are grouped in various categories: education, music, art, law, etc. Around the central part, there are several texts that indicate the basic info about the company: 2020 – the year of foundation, website and name. You can play with the style of the letters and give your sketch a completely new look. MyStampReady allows you to select another font, change the size and position of the phrase, make letters italic or bold. The elements and frames can also be removed. Our stamp maker offers a vast choice of patterns and details to add to the layout, both of decorative and official nature. When the work on the project is over, save the result to PC.