Make a seal for any company online on the basis of template №1592

Stamp mockup №1592,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1592
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Engineering, Technology
  • Tags: #MyStampReady #com #Since #2000 #COMPANY #SEAL

The process of making custom self-inking seal for a company may take a lot of time. If don’t want to wait for a professional designer to build the layout, try our virtual constructor and control every step of the creation. MyStampReady is a great solution for all business owners. It allows to finish the project of your seal for less than 30 minutes. Moreover, with a large amount of options, it’s possible to create an original and unique design. Look at this template that was constructed for some brand. You can use it as a basis for your own work. Every part of this layout can be edit or removed. For example, the large sign “Company seal” in the middle can be replaced with a logo. Our online maker also has a huge gallery of images. Scroll the categories and find the most suitable and interesting picture to use in your project. All the options and tools are free of charge. Around the central part, there is a decorative circle. If you like this style, you can keep it for your rubber stamp. However, with a couple of clicks, you can turn it into a standard line or completely delete the entire element. The text between the outer frame and the circle can be modified as well. First, delete the words “Since 2000” and the website name. Then, type the information that you need on your sketch: it may be company name, address, VAT number, etc. Third step is to edit the style of the text. As a result of your work, you will get a beautiful stamp with individual design.