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Stamp mockup №1584,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1584
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Medicine
  • Tags: #MyStampReady #com #LONDON

The process of creating round seal for business may be long and bring lots of headache. MyStampReady has a solution for everyone who is willing to get a professional and quality design for his company. Work online on the project for your rubber stamp. Use numerous possibilities and options offered by our stamp maker. First of all, to make the entire work easier for beginners, we have uploaded a vast collection of templates. Choose the one you like the most and build your seal on its basis. This official round seal for a medical company in London is a great example that you can use in your work. Every detail and element can be removed or edited. For example, in the middle of the stamp, you see a huge logo. It’s a typical symbol for medicine. Yet for other spheres it may not be appropriated. However, you can select another image and place it in the central part instead. offers you a chance to choose any picture and use it in your design without additional cost. Around the logo, there are two lines of text. The first one indicates the website of the company, the second stands for the city where the business is located – London. You can edit the information and type the name of your brand, address or any other kind of info. Moreover, it’s possible to alter the style of the text. For example, select another font or change the size, make letters bold or italic, type the entire text in capital letters. As a result, you get a unique seal.