Create a seal for the company on the basis of templates №1569

Stamp mockup №1569,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1569
  • Size: 40mm
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Self-inking round stamp is the most important thing for office paperwork. Every business uses it on a daily basis. Recently, the round stamp turned from a simple device into a powerful promoting tool. With MyStampReady, you will create the most interesting sketch for less than 30 minutes. Our graphic editor is simple but truly convenient. It allows making projects from the scratch if you have the ideas about design and follow a better path – choose this template as a model for your work. It is possible to remove element that you see here and redesign the whole layout. Begin your creative process with the central part. You can see a group of words here – it’s name of the brand PRINTMI LLC and the 2020 (the year of foundation). With a few clicks, they can be transformed into anything else: your company name or even logo. MyStampReady has a vast collection of images that you can use in the project of seal creation absolutely free of charge. Two stars decorate the middle part of the sketch. However, you can replace them with any other element and delete the entire pattern from your future layout. The text is also written along the outer frame. Change it and play with the style of the writing: make letters bigger or smaller, select another font, move the group of words to a new place. When the process of seal making is over and you like the design, be sure to save your outcome and download the file to your computer, Now, you can order the production of rubber seal on the basis of your sketch.