Create a stamp on the basis of this travel company seal online №1565

Stamp mockup №1565,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1565
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Tourism, Travel
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Custom rubber stamp is used in a multiple number of spheres – from notary to tourism. If you want your office tool be memorable and eye-catching, create it with the help of our graphic editor. Work online from any part of the world and make the design that will promote your brand. In order to facilitate the creative process, we have uploaded a huge gallery of templates where you can get inspiration for your seal. Moreover, any of them can be used as a basis for your project. For example, this round seal for made for ClaraVista agency based on Goa. Each part of this sketch can be edited or removed. As a result, you will get a completely new layout made specifically for your own company. Here, you can see multiple elements that compose the seal: logo, text and details. In the middle, there is a motto of ClaraVista company, written in a beautiful font. If you love this style, just replace the text and tell more about your brand. The logo consists of several elements: the decorative circle and everything that is traditionally associated with a good rest: a boy fishing, sun, a dolphin, marine animals and birds. You can delete all these images and add something that is suitable for your type of business. Even if it is a travel agency too. The outer frame is thick here and filled with official info about the company – website. It is a nice way to promote your brand and make it more notable for a wider audience. The design of the sketch is based only on your preference and desire. When you finish polishing all the details, save the sketch to the PC.