Create a rectangular date stamp in our online maker №1550

Stamp mockup №1550,Size :60mm-40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1550
  • Size: 60mm-40mm
  • Categories: Computer
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The variety of company seals is truly enormous. Apart from the main office tool, there may be also date stamp, which will be used on the daily basis. Do you want to get the best design for your brand? Use MyStampReady for making the layout online. Our graphic editor can transform you into a professional designer for a minute. Are you a beginner in the world of creating seals? Not a problem! The constructor we offer is suitable even for beginners. Select one of the templates and edit its details and patterns. Thus, you will save your time. This rectangular date stamp is an ideal model for your own project. Each part of it can be deleted or modified. Moreover, you can completely change the entire style of this layout and make something different. This is just an example that you can change however you prefer. When working with text, you get the following options: the possibility to alter the font of the writing, change the size of the letters, move the group of words to a new position, locate them horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. If you want to add a hint of individuality to your seal, select a beautiful image from our gallery and add it to the layout. An interesting logo will attract attention of the clients and partners. The outer frame here consists of a standard thick line. You may choose another pattern: line made of dots or dashes, decorative ornament or even delete the entire frame.