Get your rubber seal for company online with our stamp maker №1546

Stamp mockup №1546,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1546
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Arts, Fashion
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Office paperwork is unimaginable without one small tool. It’s called custom rubber seal. If you want to get a beautiful and original design for your self-inking stamps, be sure to create it with the help of our online maker. MyStampReady gives business owners a chance to save money and time. That is why we have made a convenient and easy-to-use constructor. You can be a beginner in design but still make a beautiful sketch without professional help. Use this template as a basis for your project. This is a great layout for those who need date stamp or sign stamp. In the central part of this template, there’s a group of words located in three rows. The upper is a combination of a logo and abbreviation MSR. If your company name can abbreviated or is just short by itself, you can use the same idea. Just change the text inside the image. Second row reads “DATE” in capital letters. Third row reads “SIGN” in capital letters. We can state that this seal is used every day, and employee writes the day and puts his signature on paper after stamping. Another group of words is located along the outer frame. This style can be used for your own project, just insert the information that you need. MyStampReady gives users the opportunity to edit every pattern and element on the template. Moreover, you can restyle your text too. The most popular options that can transform your words are: different font, change of size, making letters bold or italic.