Hand-made stamp for a corporation based in India №1532

Stamp mockup №1532,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1532
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: All types
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Promote your brand and services with a high-quality sketch for a rubber stamp. Work online and implement all your creative ideas in the neat and beautiful layout. MyStampReady has all the necessary tools for getting the best result within the shortest period of time. You can use this template that was made for HOLI company from India as a basis for your own layout. Every part and element here can be deleted or edited. Moreover, you can add new images, lines and text to this sketch. If you like this design the way it is, just change the words and type the info about your corporation. The middle of the seal with the word “Holi” written in capital letters is a great place for the company name or a logo. The central part always attract attention of clients and customers, so adding a few decorative elements will be great. If you want to choose a logo for your office self-inking seal, check our gallery of images. We have plenty of examples suitable for every type of the business. This stamp for the company from India has an unusual shape. It features a small circle with a large rectangular in the middle, and doesn’t have the outer frame. However, if you want a more official approach, it’s possible to add the necessary lines and patterns. Be sure to check the requirements for the seals in your country before you begin creating. Check the suitable fonts and don’t forget to add the necessary information. When your sketch is ready, save it to your PC and send the file for the production.