User agreement stamp maker

  1. Generalities

1.1. In accordance with article 437 of the civil code this document is a public offer and in case of acceptance stated below conditions the natural person conducting the acceptance of this offer, carries out payment of goods/services Site in accordance with the terms of the Public offer. In accordance with paragraph 3 of article 438 of the civil code, payment for Goods by the Buyer is the acceptance of the offer, which is considered equivalent to the conclusion of the Contract on the terms set out in the offer.

The user accepts and agrees to comply with all of the following conditions of this Agreement, LLC "Printme"  (the ADMINISTRATION) from the moment a User network of one of the following on the Website (the Site):

  • order online on the Website;

* download the layout of the seal and stamp network User on the Site;

* check mark set by the network User in the item " I agree with the user agreement";

* the user visits this section of the network.

This offer in whole or in part may be changed by the Seller at any time without any special notice. The new version of the Public offer comes into force from the moment of its publication on the website.

1.2. Based on the above, carefully read the text of the Public quotation and if you do not agree with any point of the quotation, You are invited to refuse to purchase goods or use the services provided by the Seller.

1.3. In this quotation, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the following meanings:

"Quotation" - a public offer of the Seller, addressed to any individual or several specific persons, to conclude with him a contract of sale of goods (hereinafter-the "Contract") on the existing conditions contained in the Contract, including all its annexes;

"Buyer" - an individual who has concluded a Contract with the Seller on the terms contained in the Contract;

"Acceptance" - full and unconditional acceptance by the Buyer of the terms of the Contract;

"Goods" - seal/stamp cliche with or without tooling;

"Service" means the provision of paid services on the Site, including the'download layout' service;

"Order" - individual items from the assortment list of Goods specified by the Buyer when ordering;

"Delivery" - a third-party organization and / or individual providing courier services to the Buyer for the delivery of the Order;

1.4. The products are intended exclusively for persons over the age of 18. Access to or use of this section of the site and the Products by any person under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. By accessing or using this section of the site and Products, You represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age.

  1. Subject of contract

2.1. The seller sells the Goods or provides the Service in accordance with the current price list published on the Seller's Website, and the Buyer pays and accepts the Goods or Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

2.2. This Agreement is an official document of the Seller.

  1. order registration

3.1. Ordering Goods or Services is carried out by the Buyer through the menu designer.

3.2. Acceptance by the Buyer of the terms of this Agreement is carried out by the Buyer by entering the relevant data order form (application) on the website.

3.3. The seller is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided by the Buyer when Ordering.

3.4. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided when Ordering.

3.5. Payment by the Buyer independently issued on the Website of the Order means the Buyer's consent to the terms of this Agreement. The day of payment of the Order is the date of conclusion of the Contract of sale between the Seller and the Buyer.

3.6. All information materials presented on the Site are for reference only and may not fully convey accurate information about certain properties and characteristics of the Goods or Services. If the Buyer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods or Services, before placing an Order, he should seek advice from the Seller by e-mail :

  1. Terms of Order execution

4.1. The period in which the Seller undertakes to fulfill the Order is from one working day to two weeks. The term of execution of the Order depends on the ordered items of Goods/Services and the time required to process the Order.

4.2. The order is considered delivered at the time of its transfer to the Buyer. By accepting the Product / Service, the Buyer confirms the execution of the Order.

4.3. The cost of delivery is not included in the cost of the Order and is paid by the Buyer separately in accordance with the tariffs of forwarding organizations engaged in delivery.

4.4. If the Buyer provides false information about his contact details, the Seller is not responsible for improper execution of the Order.

5. order payment

5.1. Payment of the executed Order is non-cash, by transferring funds to the Seller's account through the electronic payment system or or AO «ALFA-BANK» . Confirmation of payment is the issuance of a confirmation (payment order) to the Buyer by the relevant payment system.

5.2. The price for each item of Goods/Services is displayed on the Website in the appropriate section of the payment menu.

5.3. Prices for any item of Goods / Services listed on the Site may be changed by the Seller unilaterally without notice to the Buyer.


  1. Return Order

6.1. In accordance with paragraph 4. article 26.1. Law of the Russian Federation № 2300-I "on protection of consumer rights", the Buyer has the right to refuse the ordered Goods/Services at any time before the execution of the Order.

6.2. The buyer has no right to refuse the paid Order (or its part) of proper quality having individually defined properties.

6.3. In case of delivery by the Seller of the order of inadequate quality, the Buyer undertakes to provide Goods to office of the Seller or office of the partner in the shortest possible time for implementation of check of quality of Goods.

6.4. In accordance with Art. 22 of the Law of the Russian Federation № 2300-I "On protection of consumer rights", the amount paid by the Buyer for the Goods/Services of inadequate quality shall be refunded to the Buyer within 10 calendar days from the date of presentation of the relevant requirements. Refunds are made to the electronic account of the Buyer within 5 working days.

  1. Copyright

7.1. All text information and graphic images posted on the site are the property of the Seller and / or its partners.

7.2. The Network user may not modify, publish, transfer to third parties, participate in the sale or assignment, create derivative works or otherwise use, in whole or in part, the content of the Site.

7.3. The Network user undertakes to use the Site only for lawful purposes.

7.4. The Network user undertakes not to post on the Site and not to send anywhere through the Site any materials of the following nature:

* violating the law, containing threats and insults, discrediting other persons, violating the rights of citizens to privacy or public order, bearing the character of obscenity;

* violating in varying degrees the honor and dignity, rights and legally protected interests of others;

* promotes or encourages religious, racial or ethnic hatred, attempts to incite hatred or calls for violence;

  • as well as other materials that encourage other persons to engage in illegal behavior that entails criminal, civil and other liability or in any way violates the provisions of the law.

7.5. The user undertakes not to upload, post or otherwise use on the site any materials protected by intellectual property law (including copyright, trademark law), and other materials protected by law without obtaining the Express permission of the owner of the rights to the protected material. The burden of proving that the posting of user materials does not violate the copyright, related rights and other third parties to post content, as well as the illegal placement of responsibility lies with the User.

  1. Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties

8.1. The seller is not responsible for improper use of goods/Services by the Buyer ordered on the Website.

8.2. The seller has the right to transfer its rights and obligations for the execution of Orders to third parties.

8.3. The seller has the right to record telephone conversations with the Buyer. In accordance with paragraph 4 of article 16 of the Federal law "on information, information technology and information protection" the Seller undertakes to: prevent unauthorized access to information and/or transfer it to persons not directly related to the execution of Orders; timely detect and suppress such facts. Telephone conversations are recorded in order to monitor the quality of execution of Orders.

8.4 the Buyer agrees to receive notifications containing information about the terms of the paid subscription, special offers of the Site. Buyer may opt out of receiving emails at any time using the "Unsubscribe" link provided in each newsletter.

8.5. The buyer undertakes not to use the goods or services ordered on the Site for business purposes.

8.6. The ownership of the Order, as well as the risk of its accidental loss or damage, passes to the Buyer from the moment of receipt of the Goods/Services.


8.7. The buyer agrees to the Seller's failure to submit invoices in accordance with paragraph 3 of article 169 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

8.8. All claims for improper execution of the order, the Buyer is entitled to send to the email address . All incoming information is processed as soon as possible.

  1. Return and exchange of Goods/Services

9.1. The buyer has the right to exchange or return the purchased Goods (not The service 'download layout') of good quality in accordance with the established procedure according to the Law of the Russian Federation "on consumer protection" within 14 days, not counting the day of purchase. You can exchange a Product for a similar product of the same value or for another model, paying the difference in price.

Terms of exchange And return of goods of good quality:

The goods must not have traces of use, must be preserved its packaging, presentation, consumer properties, seals, factory labels, as well as all documents received from the Seller; in the case of exchange or return Of goods of good quality purchased on the Site, the Buyer pays the cost of delivery there and back.

9.2. If you find in the Order of goods/services of inadequate quality, the Buyer has the right to replace or return this Product in the prescribed manner according to the Law of the Russian Federation "on protection of consumer rights" within 14 days, not counting the day of purchase.

Terms of exchange and return of Goods of inadequate quality:

replacement or return of Goods/Services with the revealed hidden manufacturing defect is made on the grounds and within the terms established By the law of the Russian Federation "on protection of consumer rights"; return or exchange of goods/services of inadequate quality is free of charge.

9.3. For presentation of requirements about replacement or return of purchased Product/Service, the Buyer must write on the electronic address to fill out a form for a refund (the application form can be obtained by e-mail ) and send it via email

It is necessary to state in detail the reason for the return or replacement of Goods/Services with mandatory indication of name, Order number, product name and date of receipt.

9.4. If, when considering the claim for the return of the Goods, it is established that the Goods were in use, have defects and damages, are in incomplete configuration or not in the original packaging, the exchange/return is not made.

ATTENTION! the difference in the shades of the Goods (ordering services 'download ' layout' PEQ is shades layout) and photo on the Website is not a sign of low-quality Goods. The difference in shades may affect the monitor settings, laid equipment manufacturers.

  1. Privacy

10.1. The User's personal data is processed in accordance with the Federal law "on personal data" No. 152-FZ and the Regulations on the protection of personal data of the Website Customers.

10.2. By submitting your personal data when ordering on the website, the User agrees to their processing by the ADMINISTRATION , including in fulfilment of obligations to the User under this User agreement, informing network Users about their services, promoting products and services, conducting email and sms surveys, monitoring marketing campaigns, customer support, delivery of goods to the Users of the network, for the drawings of prizes among the network Users, monitoring of satisfaction of the User network and service quality, provided by delivery services. It is not considered a violation of the provision of information by the site to partners, agents and third parties acting under an agreement with the ADMINISTRATION to fulfill obligations to the network User.

10.3. The processing of personal data means any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with the use of automation tools or without the use of such tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change) extraction, use, transfer (including transfer to third parties, not excluding cross-border transfer, if the need for it arose in the course of performance of obligations), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

10.4. The ADMINISTRATION has the right to send information, including advertising messages, to the e-mail and mobile phone of the network User with his consent. The network user has the right to refuse to receive advertising and other information without explaining the reasons for refusal. Service messages informing the network User about the order and the stages of its processing are sent automatically and cannot be rejected by the network User.

10.5. The ADMINISTRATION has the right to use the technology "cookies". "Cookies "do not contain confidential information, and the ADMINISTRATION has the right to transfer information about" cookies " to Partners, agents and third parties who have concluded agreements with the ADMINISTRATION, to fulfill obligations to the network User and for the purposes of statistics and optimization of advertising messages.

  1. Generalities

11.1. This agreement is governed by Russian law.

11.2. All possible disputes concerning the Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the norms of the current Russian legislation.

11.3. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment between the network User and the ADMINISTRATION of Agency relations, partnership relations, relations of joint activity, relations of personal employment, or any other relations not expressly provided for in this Agreement.

  1. Property rights of ADMINISTRATION

12.1. The user of the network acknowledges and agrees that the services of the Site and all necessary programs associated with them contain confidential information that is protected by intellectual property laws and other Russian and international laws. The network user agrees not to modify, sell or distribute this content and programs, in whole or in part.


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